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Began his career as a DJ in 2002 and as a Producer in 2008 and to date, he has remained steadfast and constant in the electronic scene where he has had an excellent acceptance thanks to his skills, technique and musical taste. Dhyan Droik is also running his own Record Label “Bump Records” and has released music on labels like, Sounds of Earth, Funk'n Deep Records, Italo Business, Renesanz, Rusted Record, Unity Records, Frequenza and Be One Records.

As for his DJ sets, Dhyan Droik has his own personal style, with fresh unheard-of music as he is constantly in search of new hypnotic sounds, with a lot of groove and atmospheres, etc. In his sets he tends to include most of the unreleased promos that he usually receives, notably setting himself off from what the rest plays, adapting his groove to the "mood" of the event and trying at all times to please the audience to make them dance unflaggingly.



RAW SILVER is the main music alias of Nico Stephou. Active as a self-tought electronic music producer, DJ, and graphic designer in Amsterdam. With this alias he has accomplished releases on various compilations of labels like Low Income $quad, Memory No.36 Records, SEAGRAVE and Speaker Footage . He is one of the two core member as well as the designer of Honest Electronics, XORKO, MJMJ Records and Brotherhood Nicosia.




Amphetamint & BillyD bring forth an atmospheric, deep yet bleepy collaboration resulting in a popping sonic journey. Subsequently, Raw Silver’s Replay is an amplified and booming interpretation which fuses the three artists into one.
Artwork by Nico Stephou

Free downloads:

Amphetamint & BillyD - Proper Popper (Original Mix).mp3 (320kbps)

Amphetamint & BillyD - Proper Popper (RAW SILVER'S Replay).mp3 (320kbps)





Other Releases:

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Founders: Pantelis Drousiotis, Kyriakos Argyrou
Residents: BillyD, ArgyK, Fungusroom
Co-operators: George Filippou, Mike Theodosiou

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