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The Gathering - Video recordings

On the 8th & 9th of July 2016, The Gathering was a two day festival which took place at Tamasos Reservoir, Nicosia / Cyprus. Organised by the new local independent Record Label ‘Honest Electronics’
Two stages hosted the performances of 35 artists from abroad and the local scene, allowing the participants and the crowd to experience a mindfully selected range of electronic music. Weedo_It video recorded the happening and we are excited to present it to you.


PAN is an multi-culture/platform artist. He works with visual and or not acoustical elements to create distinct objects and tests that frequently cross the lines between parody / reality / authorship / pop. For 'The Gathering' he prepared a n improvised live performance based on the surrounding natural elements.


Fungusroom Weedo_It's 3rd Resident DJ is an astral traveller/dj based in Nicosia Cyprus moving between dark ambient combined with industrialized drones and experimental music, through his selections one can perceive the dystopian landscapes of the world that he creates.


Hades Militia
Hades Militia [Cy] Otherwise: Milton Says Live Performance at the Chill Stage


Hailing from Helsinki, SMOOD is a brainchild of Dj Aleksi & Shoulderpipe. Known from wide-spanning selections of mostly machine made music with a definitive boogie, this duo digs deep during their sets. SMOOD can be heard in the clubs or on Basso radio with their DJ-culture oriented biweekly SMOOD+1 show, as well as on Radar Radio where the duo hosts a monthly Nordic Imports show.


Mohama Tajalof
Raised in the sun kissed island of Cyprus, Veronica, is currently based in Amsterdam where she is digging holes and taking care of plants every day in her aquaponics work.
She drawns lines from nature and art to be active as a DJ, she has executed warming ups at Klubd, various parties and festivals.
Also active as creator as she is one of the founders of Brotherhood Nicosia.


Performs a live set at The Gathering. Saturday 10 July 2016 01:00 am



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Founders: Pantelis Drousiotis, Kyriakos Argyrou
Residents: BillyD, ArgyK, Fungusroom
Co-operators: George Filippou, Mike Theodosiou

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